MVM: Unrelated Things

As it’s Monday, I’m required (and elated) to give you new music in Spanish. On the other hand, I have all of these pictures left of Paris that didn’t really fit into one theme or another. Hence, the plan is: Hit “play” on the video and start scrolling (because sadly, there’s no official video for the song) to add some ambiance to your picture viewing, and… Enjoy!

Stairs made of plants. Sure! I thought it was pretty representative of Paris, which doesn’t feel like a city at all since there’s so much green space.

The Seine and Notre Dame (without interruption from the Bread Party this time)

The Bread Party allowed kids to do some extreme biking. Talk about unrelated things…

More boats on the Seine 🙂

This boat was literally just a floating patio. It’s the simple things, you know?

On the Love Lock Bridge – Love in prison?

This is what the metro stop near Erin’s apartment looks like at 6am! I kind of wish we hadn’t gotten to know that, but when in Paris, I guess.

My artistic attempts in Erin’s courtyard

“I have a courtyard! Did you know that? Frolicking in the courtyard!”

Breakfast on the last day – We went to the local bakery for quiche… and then to Starbucks. I called it the French-American special.

Erin and I missed each other’s birthdays, but I visited in the middle of the two, so here was our way of celebrating. Eclair Tower!

Were you aware that the Eiffel Tower really is gorgeous?

Especially when it’s all lit up!

And that concludes the Paris posts! I just got a taste of the city, and loved it. I’d definitely go back, so if anyone wants to check it out, feel free to throw an invitation my way. 😉

– Alexa


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