A Few Hours in Segovia

Since Paris took up my first full weekend in Europe, I decided it would be best to really dedicate weekend #2 to Spain. Luckily enough, our faculty advisor was still around and was offering up a free trip to Segovia on that Saturday. Done deal. There’s not a whole lot to be explained about Segovia besides that it’s a very short and convenient train ride from the city center. We spent a few hours seeing the sights, so here they are!

The classy AVE train got us there in under 30 minutes.

When we weren’t in tunnels through the mountains, the views were gorgeous.

First historic building I saw! Iglesia de San Millán


It goes on forever and ever and ever.

Roommates ❤

This cathedral definitely puts the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh to shame.

(You might want to click on this one to get the full effect.)

Alcázar de Segovia – Supposedly, this is what the Disney castle is based on. It WAS pretty majestic.

Unofficially called “the Apology Room” (by us, anyway)

This is looking out on the cathedral from the top of the castle. Who knew I would ever even say a sentence like that?

It definitely wouldn’t have sucked to live here and, you know, be all royal, etc.

Segovia is where it hit me how OLD things in Europe really are. I mean, we were up in this insanely gorgeous castle that is thousands of years old, my mind was being totally blown, and there were people sunbathing in the grassy area right next to it like it was no big deal. NEXT TO A CASTLE. We don’t have those in the U.S., last time I checked. It was a quick little day trip, but it definitely changed my perspective in a big way and made me appreciate the history that people have kept alive for so long.

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “A Few Hours in Segovia

  1. I know what you mean about history. Being a midwesterner, my mind was boggled by the historic sites and buildings in New Jersey dating to the revolutionary war, but that does nothing to prepare you for thousands, versus hundreds, of years of recorded history in the “old world”.

    • It really was amazing! It’s hard to imagine living in that era even while you’re walking through a building that lived through it all.

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