Search for the Perfect Café/Bookstore: Spain Edition

Sometimes, when I’m overwhelmed by all of the things that I told myself I wanted to do while being in Madrid for such a short amount of time, I think back on the things that I really enjoyed doing in Buenos Aires and try to find the Spanish version. Remember mine, Abi’s, and Maddy’s search for the perfect café and/or bookstore? I realized I had yet to find somewhere as awesome as La Eterna Cadencia or Libros del Pasaje in Madrid, so this past Saturday, I was on a mission with books and coffee in mind. Thanks to an article I found on Madrid Diferente, La Infinito and I were introduced.

My roommate, Liz, & I went under the pretenses of doing work for our internship class. We took full advantage of the free wifi!

Very quickly, coffee was needed.

… then we added a tostada salada to the mix. It just looks like toast with tomato spread, but I assure you it is so much more magical than that.

During a break from writing & raving about toast, I remembered to take pictures of the actual store.

There’s Liz still typing away in the corner!

We got a piece of that carrot cake that’s on the counter. It was devoured before I could document how beautiful it was. Oops.

Plants! Books! I could’ve sat there all day.

“I Like Chocolate” – Someone’s already written my biography, apparently.

As you can see, everything was ridiculously adorable and fantastic. I’m such a big fan already that I’m not sure if I can bring myself to waste time looking elsewhere! I mean, how could you go wrong with a place that operates under the tagline “café, libros y arte” (coffee, books, & art)? It’s really everything that is good wrapped into one small space and sprinkled amongst the bookshelves and squishy chairs.

Fun Fact (I seem to have a lot of those lately, huh?): On Sundays, La Infinito has a “brunch musical” where you can feast on baked goods, drink beer (totally acceptable by late morning on a Sunday), and listen to live music. I think I’ll have morning plans this Sunday.

– Alexa

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3 thoughts on “Search for the Perfect Café/Bookstore: Spain Edition

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