Egypt in Madrid: Templo de Debod

Whenever people ask where you’ve been in Madrid, they go over all the biggies like Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace, the nightlife in Sol, etc. I could always check those off their lists, but what kept hanging me up was Templo de Debod. From the little information that I had gathered, it was an Egyptian temple located in a park near Plaza de España. Since I hadn’t been to either, I found the motivation to go see what the hype was all about.

First we found ourselves in Plaza de España where there happen to be a bunch of pretty fountains.

It was an overcast afternoon, but that made for some dramatic pictures!

After a photo shoot in the plaza and getting a little bit confused about where we needed to go next, we arrived at the right part of the Parque del Oeste and found the temple!

It was pretty cool looking, but to be honest, it was much smaller than I expected. Based on the pictures that I’ve seen, it’s better to go at night when it’s all lit up. My favorite part was probably the park area around the temple rather than the temple itself. It’s located in a higher spot of Madrid that lets you see the city all around while being surrounded by trees and plants.

The fountain on the back side of the temple was a favorite for sitting and relaxing on such a hot day.

I particularly enjoyed it.

On the way back to the metro, we saw the sign for a frozen yogurt place that looked adorable and particularly refreshing after being out in the park for a while. For you Pittsburghers, all I can say is that we basically found the Razzy Fresh of Spain. It was a glorious, glorious moment. I give you Yoogle.

My Recommendation: If you’d like to recreate this little outing, go later in the day. Walk around Plaza de España and whatever else is around there, get something tasty at Yoogle, then go see the temple after it gets darker out, and you’ll probably love your life.

– Alexa


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