MVM: Eurocopa 2012

Hey, so, it turns out Spain’s pretty freaking great at fútbol. Did anyone else hear about that? If you’re not a big soccer fan, Spain beat Italy 4-0 (for real) in the Eurocup final last night. This song is literally about yesterday’s game, so I’d say it’s the most appropriate video I could share for today. “No hay 2 sin 3” = There aren’t 2 without 3. = They already won the World Cup and the last Eurocup, so it just makes sense that they’d win this one, too.

That, they did. 🙂

Depending on what country you’re in, ONE of these should work!

Some of my roommates and I decided to chill out and watch the game in our own apartment; with the windows open, we basically get the same ambiance as we would in a bar or stadium but in the comfort of our own living room! In this city, you can literally feel when something important has happened during a big game. Every goal was accompanied by a roar from outside, horns blasting, rumbling from all of the apartments around us, and, I swear, small explosives were detonated. After all of that excitement, we couldn’t help but get out of our PJs, out of the apartment, and into the middle of the craziness in Puerta del Sol where tons of people were celebrating.

Sure, let’s just all jump in the fountain. That’s related.

We might’ve been with mostly South Americans, but I’m pretty ok with it. Good mix.

These are the things worth being tired at work for. ¡Viva España!

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “MVM: Eurocopa 2012

    • Ahhh I know! Someone told me this morning! I’ll fix it when I get a second. I didn’t realize that happened the OTHER way, too! 😦 😦

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