Gorgeous, Gleeful, Gay Madrid

This past weekend was an exciting one because not only did Madrid win the Eurocup, but it was Gay Pride week, so the Gay Pride Parade was on Saturday! I’ve gone to the Pride Parade in Chicago a couple of times, and surprisingly, this parade was pretty similar. But in Spanish, of course!

I say it was surprising, though, because the Spanish LGBT community has all of the rights that are still being fought for in the United States. Gay marriage is legal, same-sex couples can adopt children, homosexuals can openly serve in the military (a more recent development in the US), and so on. You would think that the parades and festivities in the US would be more political and the ones in Spain would just be a party (I mean, it is Spain), but I actually saw the opposite happen. There were tons and tons of foundations marching with their signs and banners about equal rights, equal treatment in the workplace, etc. I guess once you’ve finally received what you feel you deserve and what you’ve fought to have for such a long time, you make sure that it stays that way.

But don’t get me wrong. It was still a party. 🙂

We were standing close to the beginning of the parade route, which was at Puerta de Alcalá. This is in Plaza de Cibeles.

“So, how does it feel getting interviewed by a transvestite?”

Gorgeous weather, international friends, sangria sold in the street, parade of happy people, rainbows galore… Does it get much better?

To love is not a crime.

It was kind of hilarious how much people loved the truck full of “bears”.
“You lookin’ for a MANLY man??”

Mandatory condom van – It had a large following.

Warning: You might want to shield your eyes for this next one.

Try pretending that you don’t think this is fantastic. You can’t. 😛

My favorite part of gay pride parades: the pretty boy party bus

All of Chueca (the prominently gay neighborhood in Madrid) was decorated appropriately!

We didn’t actually stay for the entire parade because it went on forever. Also, we’ve turned into old people who get tired quickly because of long weekdays at work and class. There was definitely the option to stay out all hours of the night partying in the street! You can’t deny that Madrid knows how to throw a party, especially when it can celebrate something as great as giving equal rights to all of its citizens.

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “Gorgeous, Gleeful, Gay Madrid

  1. Looks like everyone was having a great time. I saw on-line that part of the celebration was a race in high heels, too. Some of those shoes were really high for running, but they were smiling at the end! Love hearing and seeing Madrid through your eyes and heart.

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