Thanks, Brazil, for sharing the tunes.

Obviously, I was looking forward to a lot of things before coming to Madrid: being in Europe for the first time, having an internship with an international company, getting to know and live in another Spanish-speaking country, and so on. I’ll be honest, though, something I looked forward to the most was the day I’d get to use the ticket I bought for Rock in Rio Madrid. 69€ and months (and months and months!) later, that day FINALLY came!

Last Friday, my roommate and I took the afternoon to recover from the workweek… Meaning, we took extra-long naps. Besides being tired from work, let me tell you why this was absolutely necessary: The day before, we found the line-up for the noche electrónica, which is what we had tickets for. We must have forgotten that we’re in Spain because there was a moment of utter disbelief when we found out that Pitbull, half the reason we bought the tickets, wasn’t going on until 3:20am. Yeah, you read that right. Thus, waking up from a nap at 9pm and getting to a concert by 11:30ish was an acceptable plan.

We had to get ourselves to the Real Madrid stadium to catch a shuttle to the festival. I’m pretty sure it took all of our strength to tolerate the excitement plus a half-hour ride out to Ciudad del Rock, the complex that was built especially for this 4-day festival.

I mean that literally. It was built ESPECIALLY for this festival. Why so elaborate, Madrid?

Really, though, I’m not complaining.

We showed up RIGHT as David Guetta was starting! Perfect timing.

Absolutely everything ever, Sponsored by: El Corte Inglés
PS – People were zip-lining over the crowd from that tower. True story.

After David Guetta, we discovered that our vouchers for a free beer and sandwich still worked. Imagine the happiness that resulted! Oh wait, you can see it.

There were zumba classes nearby because… Well, why not?

Back to the stage for Pitbull! Fireworks!


I really think my life is complete.

This is what happy chicas look like. Even at 4:30am.

We didn’t stay for Afrojack, who was the last act. The line to get on the shuttles back to Madrid was absolutely insane. I was supposed to leave for Almería at 6am… but we got back at about 6:30, so that didn’t exactly happen as planned. That whole ordeal is coming up next!

– Alexa


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Brazil, for sharing the tunes.

    • But wait… I thought I was!! Haha honestly, it was so unreal. Put him on your upcoming concert list! You’ve been to so many good ones lately!

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