The Great Race… to the Beach!

After the craziness of Rock in Rio, I was in a complete haze as Robyn and I aimlessly wandered trying to find a taxi home from where the shuttle dropped us off in the city. We ended up grabbing the metro as it opened in the morning and power walking more than necessary. I got to be in the house for 15 minutes to throw some things in a backpack, got picked up in a car on the side of the street (not by strangers!), and passed out in the back. 5 hours later I was here…

I had been whisked away to the beach town of Águilas, which is in the Murcia province on the southeast border of Spain. It wasn’t until the full effect of the lapping water and salty air settled in that I realized I hadn’t been out of Madrid for more than a few hours since I went to Paris my very first weekend after coming here. The sense of calm was more than welcome.

You may ask, “why did you choose this place out of ALL the towns you could’ve visited?” The truth is, I’m pretty cheap/still a broke college student, so it literally took a free trip to get me out of the city where I’m currently living. Explanation: I met a Spaniard, Sergio, in Pittsburgh last year while he was living there for a few months to work on his English, and surprise!, now I’m here in Madrid, so sometimes we hang out and stuff. He’s big into triathlons, so a lot of our time together revolves around various races. This trip was no exception. Him and his good friend Nacho had an aquathlon to run/swim in Pulpí, a town over from where we were staying, and I got to take advantage of their sponsor money. Not a bad deal, right? Free suite in a nice hotel, free gas in the car, access to a beach, and surrounded by super-fit Spanish triathletes all weekend… Sometimes I question if my life is real or not.

Nacho & Sergio got a bro pic in while they still looked fresh before the race.

Ready, set, GO!

They both survived, which I considered to be an accomplishment in itself. After that, we made a direct line to the beach along with the rest of the runner/swimmers. They couldn’t have picked a much better spot to have a race with this as the finish line.

The rest of the time that I wasn’t being a triathlon cheerleader was a blur of sand, ocean, food, sunscreen, and napping. Much too soon, we were in the car on our way back to the city.

Having been my first real adventure in Spain outside of the Madrid area (Segovia and Alcalá de Henares were just baby trips), I’d say it couldn’t have gone much better. Sometimes you just need a little change in scenery to recharge your batteries and also make you appreciate the place you currently call home.

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “The Great Race… to the Beach!

    • The triathlon was the day before, and then Sergio & Nacho just did the duathlon or aquathlon, whatever it’s called, on the second day. Details, details!

    • Thank you so much! I just use a little Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX9 and edit them in iPhoto. Haha you’re honestly the first person who has thought they were good enough to ask about.

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