MVM: Italy/Cuba

This last weekend was all about celebrating my roommate’s 21st birthday the best way that can be done when you’re abroad and can already legally drink. It still counts as the greatest birthday ever! In honor of all of that craziness, I’m allowing you to feast your eyes and ears on the tacky video for one of the most obnoxiously catchy party tunes that has been in the rotation these days. The group, Tacabro, is made up of two Italian DJs, and this song in particular features cuban vocalist Martínez Rodríguez. I must warn you that there’s an excessive amount of booty poppin’.

Remember that time I met the “famous” cumbia artist in a club in Buenos Aires? I swear I saw the singer guy from this song on the metro last week. My Spanish coworkers were actually the ones that noticed, so I feel like that’s proof enough. It might have been some other bald black man, but I think he was a dead ringer. That moves my count for seeing famous people around Madrid without realizing it up to four!

By the way, good luck getting that saxophone tune/”tacatá” out of your head within the next few days.

– Alexa


2 thoughts on “MVM: Italy/Cuba

  1. So I’ve been looking around online for study abroad/ work abroad blogs and I stumbled upon yours on someone’s pinterest board? I’m hoping to travel abroad this sophomore year at college. Anyway I read through a few months of your posts and I think they’re great! Travel-wise, they’re super inspiring. And tone-wise, they’re written exactly how I would’ve described my own experiences. Just a weird heads-up, you’ve gained a random follower for your blog, so keep it up! love it.

    • Thank you so much, Kristen! It’s really nice comments like yours that keep us writing. I’m not sure if you already know where you want to study abroad, but besides our own trips in South America, and now mine in Spain, we know people who have been all over the world; if you ever want some tips or suggestions, please send ’em this way!

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