MVM: Portugal via Brazil

Happy Monday! Ha. Sorry for rubbing it in. I understand.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I was in Lisbon this weekend! Weekends honestly do not give you a sufficient amount of time to give justice to a city, let alone leave a proper impression of an entirely new country. Despite how fast the trip was, I have so many pictures, I don’t even know what to do with them! Being out of Spain seems to make me remember to be a good little tourist. Those will be up as soon as I can find a pocket of time; the end of this week is when I give my presentation of the study I’ve been doing at work, so I imagine the next few days could get kind of crazy and stressful. That’s why happy, dance-y music is absolutely necessary!

While in Lisbon, I was hoping to find some native Portuguese tunes to freshen up my Portuguese playlist, but I ended up hearing lots of songs from Brazilian artists that I already knew. Enter: Gusttavo Lima. He’s Brazilian, but I heard this song played by a group of kids on the metro in Lisbon when we were on our way to the beach one day. It gets played all the time in bars and clubs in Spain, too, so it’s doubly-relevant!

If you’re looking for a laugh, follow him on Twitter. I couldn’t handle it after a while, but he is the epitome of bro culture in Brazilian form, and it’s hilarious. If you’re not down for seeing pictures of him working out every other tweet, then stick with the songs because they’re fun. Well, até logo!

– Alexa


2 thoughts on “MVM: Portugal via Brazil

    • AS IT SHOULD BE! I have some songs backed up and waiting for upcoming weeks, so you should be pretty secure in your ability to dance in other languages every Monday for a while. 😛

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