Lisbon’s for Lovers: Day 1

Remember that time I went to Portugal?! No? I didn’t tell you about that yet? Oh yeah. Well here’s how it went…

Friday morning: My roommate & I get on a plane.

ONE HOUR later: We’re flying over the coast of Portugal!

Last time I saw the Atlantic was in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Here’s the view from the OTHER side!

We had wanted to try CouchSurfing for this trip, but our fellow Madrid interns who had already been to Lisbon highly suggested that we stay at The Independente Hostel. We also highly suggest you stay there because it was freaking amazing. I might have to write a separate post about how grand it was. Getting there involved more hill-climbing than expected (were we actually in Pittsburgh?), but it was more than worth the huffing and puffing.

View from the lookout across the street from our hostel

Traveling makes you a crazed hungry person, though, so we had to find food fast. Good thing there was a restaurant attached to our hostel! Out to the patio we went! All the food served at The Decadente, as it’s known, uses solely Portuguese ingredients that are in season. I figured I’d give the sardines a whirl since they’re used so often in Portuguese dishes. Remember that time I was a vegetarian? Yeah, me neither.

“These still have eyes…”

After filling up, we threw our stuff in our room, and went downstairs only to run into two other girls from our program who were checking in downstairs. Yes, in Europe, you can just run into people in other countries. Once they got settled in, we jumped out into the streets of Lisbon.

These little gumdrop chairs with trees in them were everywhere. I’m a fan.

I was happy to discover that Lisbon is much more graffiti-friendly than Madrid.

“Remember who you are.”

Hey, your house fell over!

A real Angry Bird

We got to see so much of this art because we walked approximately forever plus an hour or so to get up close to the Ponte 25 de Abril (25 of April bridge) in Lisbon that’s based off of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, but that everyone says looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. We were thinking it was a rip-off, but it’s ok because they were made by the same company. 🙂

Also note the mini Christ the Redeemer statue, like in Rio de Janeiro, in the back there.

Oh, and remember the OCEAN?!

Fishy fishy fishy

That’s where you could find us the next day.

– Alexa

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