MVM: One Look Back

Looks like I’ll have to refer back to Music Video Martes since being home has kept me running around for these first few days, at least. Sorry for leaving you with a music-less Monday! I know, it’s a crime!

I wanted to throw in one last super Spanish band for good time’s sake. At my last day at work, I heard this song playing. The beat was kind of catchy, but then when I listened, I realized it was talking about a one-night stand. I could probably do better than to compare my time in Spain to a one-night stand, but when I think about it, it’s mostly accurate. Madrid didn’t make me fall completely in love with it like Buenos Aires did, but we definitely had a good time together and are now going our separate ways. I’ll let La Guardia explain it for you.

Warning: This song’s from 1990, so the video is amusingly terrible. 🙂

Do you feel like you ever form a certain “relationship” with different countries when you’re traveling?

– Alexa


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