Lisbon’s for Lovers: Day 2

We dedicated all of Saturday to the beautiful beaches of Lisbon. The only problem was… which to choose? It was a lot of pressure!

We took a photo break to relieve all of that stress. 😉

Everyone kept talking about Cascais because it was pretty easy to get to by train, but we were told that the waves were non-existent and the atmosphere was kind of boring. We had to actually get out of the boundaries of Lisbon to find higher quality sand and waves, so we settled on an area in Costa da Caparica. It was worth the trek!

That’s saying something because the ticket machines are kind of miserable to deal with.

Helloooo, Caparica!

Water looks great, right? It’s also FREEZING.

Everyone was playing games! There were kites, paddles, and soccer balls galore.

These kiddies were amused enough looking like total bosses.

Our group was more into the reading/tanning thing.

Before we knew it, we noticed that the beach had emptied out significantly. It didn’t make any sense to us because it was the middle of the day, which is when beaches would be fullest in the US! In Portugal, though, everyone knows that the sun is extra strong at that time, so they take advantage of the lunch hour to escape dangerous rays. We decided to follow suit.

Thankfully, there were plenty of options for food right off of the sand!

Portugal’s all about the bright colors!

After some fantastic burgers, sandwiches, and fresh-squeezed juice with a view of the beach, we couldn’t help but get back out there.

The other girls got brave enough to get in the water. I politely declined getting hypothermia.

I opted for a walk out on the rocks instead.

The beach got smaller, and the noise died away as I kept walking out.

It was a perfect vantage point to appreciate all of the travels I’ve been able to do so far in my life. I just had to stop to take a breath and absorb it all. Have you had moments like that before? If so, where were you/what were you doing?

– Alexa


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