MVM: Brazilian Fall Out Boy

Maybe that title doesn’t grab you, but I love this band, so obviously I think you should, too! Once I started taking Portuguese classes back in January, I wanted to get on the fast track and be fluent in a month or something ridiculous, so I went on a frantic search for things that would force me to hear the language whenever I wasn’t in class. Enter: NX Zero!

Since I’ve been writing about Portugal for the last week, it seemed like Portuguese words were the most appropriate way to bookend the posts about that trip. The band’s actually Brazilian, but hopefully that doesn’t bother anyone too much. Based on my extreme confusion about what people were speaking while in Portugal, I think I prefer it this way.

Really, though… Am I the only one who gets reminded of Fall Out boy from watching this video?

– Alexa


One thought on “MVM: Brazilian Fall Out Boy

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