Mini Mountains of Madrid

During my last week of work, I took a cue from everyone else in the office who was leaving on vacation and took my own little break. This seems ridiculous since I only had a few days left, but I think clearing your head for a bit makes you do better work in the end. What better place to do that than in some fresh mountain air? From various vantage points around Madrid, you can see the sierras that are surprisingly not that far away. I was satisfied with admiring them from afar, but when I was offered a personalized hiking tour, and a day out of the office, you can bet I went for it.

My tour guide – It’s not his everyday job, but I could check to see if he’s available for you if you’re in the area! 😛

The mountains are mostly used for skiing in the winter, as can be seen by the ski lodges, lifts, and routes all over.

If only we had a sled… and about a foot of snow.

On a clear day in the summer, it’s still great for hiking! The temperature kept dropping as we drove further up into the little towns that are nestled at the foot of the hills. When I stepped out of the car, there was even a little nip in the air. Seeing as living in Madrid in the summer is very accurately likened to living inside of an oven, you can imagine my excitement. Oh, and the views

Front row seats!

Because it was so quiet up there, I was surprised every time we ran into a small sign of civilization.

Yes, those are skis strapped to her back. The Skiing Savior.

I was even more surprised when we ran into animal life at the end of an hour-long climb!

From the top, Madrid looked tiny and insignificant in comparison to all of the land that was around it. It’s kind of crazy how you can get so wrapped up in a cluster of activity and noise and people, but when you take a look at it from a different angle, it’s just one little spot surrounded by a lot of emptiness and calm. It’s safe to say that my mind got some needed rest from that quick trip up into mountain air and I got to see my “new city” in a different light just in time to say goodbye.

– Alexa


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