MVM: Depends on How You Look at It

Happy Monday, people! 😀

Somehow my buffer period between coming home from Spain and going back to Pittsburgh got all gobbled up and I’m leaving tomorrow. Everything’s getting thrown in the good ol’ suitcases again!

We’re starting our senior year a week from today (scary, right?), so after these next 9ish months, the scheduling and credit requirements and textbook buying stop. Then what? Yeah, we don’t know either. To acknowledge the beginning of our last very structured year and the approach of ambiguity, I give you Jarabe de Palo‘s “Depende” (“It Depends”). He, first of all, is Spanish (wee!), and more importantly, says that everything depends on how you look at it. I could freak out about the fact that I’m getting thrown out of the college bubble and into the real world soon, or I could be super excited that I have so many fun possibilities ahead of me!

Speaking of possibilities, if anyone desires a travel blogging apprentice, you know where to find me. 😉

– Alexa


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