MVM: End of the World

Classes started today! It is the LAST first day of the year of our college careers. (I’ll probably be saying it’s the “LAST” everything for a while. Get ready for it.) It’s not the end of the world, but it’s the end of the “good years” – and the Spanish-speaking adventures that went with them! Ironically enough, my first class today was Portuguese. After spending all summer in Spain with only a 3-day blip in Portugal, it’s fair to say my Portuguese was a little rusty.

I have no Spanish classes left and no trips planned back to Spain or South America for the time being, so here’s to switching language mindsets for a while. Following the last Brazilian MVM, a Brazilian friend that I met in Madrid through Spanish classes told me about CPM 22 because apparently they’re better than NX Zero. You tell me!

– Alexa

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