Labor Day Leo

Last week, I took a walk in the park with a celebrity.

I finally met Abi’s dog, Leo! He was just as adorable in real life as I’ve seen in photos, except he was kind of a scaredy cat.

Or he just has Abi trained well.

Hopefully he’ll stop by Oakland another time or two for some nice fall strolls in Schenley Park. 🙂

On a completely unrelated topic, remember how Abi told you all about the magic that is Duolingo? We’re both attempting to learn some French, so today’s music video is, well, mostly in English, but there are some French words thrown in! Basically, it’s about the same level of French that I am at this point. 😛 Embrace the Frenglish and maybe bust a move or two!

There’s a chance I’ve been dancing around to it this morning while getting ready for my new internship. Oh, that’s right. I guess I haven’t mentioned the new job yet. Real working person alert! It sounds like it has the potential to be pretty international and fantastic, so for now, wish me luck on my first day!

– Alexa

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