A Spin Around The Neighborhood

Autumn came early in Pittsburgh this year. It was getting into the 30°s at night earlier this week, so when I was going home for fall break today and it was 70° and sunny, I knew I couldn’t just stay inside all day. My mom and I spent some of the afternoon in Bakery Square, a cute little shopping plaza near Shadyside I never knew existed (also, I was excited to learn, home to Google Pittsburgh!) After grabbing a quick coffee and lemonade and taking advantage of the sun, we made our way home. I decided to bring my camera along with me as we took our dogs on a walk around my neighborhood, even though precious equipment like that probably shouldn’t be anywhere near my dogs on a walk…

Of course they get tangled

These are the pictures I managed to capture between untangling dog leashes, being yanked in some direction after a squirrel spotting, and dishing details to my mom about an exciting potential job opportunity!

I hope everyone enjoys the best month of the year!



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