Normal Person Weekend: MUTEMATH Show

Last night, I ventured away from the grips of Pitt’s campus in Oakland to mingle with the rest of Pittsburgh. Impromptu plans led me to the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh’s Strip District for a show that Mutemath played with another band called Civil Twilight.

Fun fact: The venue is a renovated church!

Taken by: Ruth E Hendricks (

It’s a cozy place, which I’m always a fan of, and has a full bar with the floor separated into under-21 and 21+ sections, so everyone can enjoy the artists that play there. There’s a balcony around the top for those who like to feel superior to the swaying masses below. It was just generally interesting due to the church-turned-bar-and-music-venue setup. I definitely want to go back!

We showed up a little too late to see all of Civil Twilight’s set, who I’ve decided I like better than Mutemath (sorry, super fans), but caught a few songs at the end while we scoped out a good spot in the crowd.

Taken from Instagram

After an extra-long setup done by “Mr. Roadie Dreads”, as he was knighted (I forgot to take a picture while admiring his hair :(), the big guys came on.

MUTEMATH! Loving the keytar

I couldn’t even tell you what kind of electronic noise-maker he’s playing with there.

It rained confetti!

Encore: Crowd surfing on a big, flashing mattress-type thing

Not a bad start to my weekend of being a “normal person”, huh?

– Alexa


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