Midnight Madness

Homecoming! Basketball! Fireworks! ESPN! Lasers!

Pitt was filled with school spirit on Friday night and as a part of my attempt to Do More Things (vague, but it gets the job done) I went with some friends to enjoy the festivities.

Apparently Pitt is 225 years old!

“Pitt: 225 years of building butterflies…err, better lives”

Luckily, gathering hundreds of students close together made the cold October night a little more bearable, so we all stood back and watched the laser show and fireworks. Here’s a little video for you guys who want to see the Cathedral of Learning all lit up!

Then, what I hoped would top lasers and fireworks, was Midnight Madness! ESPN was live on campus to help kick off the basketball season, introduce the men’s and women’s teams, and to host a few 3-point shootouts and slam dunk contests. Turns out it wasn’t the most interesting thing in the world, but coach Jamie Dixon did add a little humor to the introductions… and his wardrobe.

We didn’t stay around much after the players were introduced (we just had to see the new player from New Zealand!), so once the crowd started to die down a bit – taking their body heat with them – we decided to head out and grab some late night apps!



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