Deciding The Next 4 Years

After watching debate after debate, political ad after political ad, and reading tweet after tweet, I’m sure we’re all going to be happy the campaign season will be done after tonight. Politics has a bad rep for a reason and I’m sure we could all add a hundred new things to the list of what we think is wrong with our political system or how we hate politics in general. While I feel some of these same sentiments, I still get sucked in to the whole process, still watch every debate, and still love to discuss the issues with my friends. But one thing that I noticed this election that I didn’t necessarily see during the 2008 election was more people my age getting involved, more people informing themselves, and more people actually voicing their opinions (whether it be by campaigning, tweeting, facebooking, or just simply voting).

And for this I have to say that I’m proud.

I proud I was able to see more of my friends watching and discussing the debates. I’m proud of the educated conversations I was able to have with people about the issues that surround our daily lives. I’m proud of the hilarious memes that people come up with on the internet that make serious topics a little more enjoyable. I’m proud that people took the 5 minutes it takes to fill out an absentee ballot or even register to vote for the first time. I’m proud that people care.

No other election in the world is watched as closely as ours, and I’m proud of those people who give a damn and try to make the world a better place.


5 thoughts on “Deciding The Next 4 Years

    • Agreed, definitely need more (can’t wait to see the numbers for how many people actually did vote).
      I hope the fact that it is required in Argentina makes more of them do research before voting though! Uninformed voters kind of scare me 😉

  1. Abi, I’m proud to tell you that I helped Maddy fill out her absentee ballot and got it in the mail. She is mightily missing you guys and all things Pittsburgh. Paulanne

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