What I’m Thankful For


Abi has written some semi-sappy, random-thought posts in the recent past, so I figured that now it’s my turn. Yesterday being the day that most Americans took a second to really contemplate what they’re thankful for, I did just that, and (as usual) I wanted to share it with you.


They’re the only ones you can always count on, right? I don’t get to see mine too often since I’m usually at school or traveling, but I always get a welcomed reminder that they’re there and looking out for me whenever I come back.

Mama V and I at this year’s Thanksgiving festivities

Old Friends

Not unlike my family, I know my friends from home will always be the people I can count on the most. The fact that they’ve seen me go through all of the various weird phases I went through in junior high and high school and still want to hang out with me when I’m in town definitely means something. It’s funny to think about what we were like when we met in 7th grade compared to how we are now. Honestly, if we had been introduced to each other since starting college, I don’t think we’d be great friends, but that’s how I know that I’m so lucky to have grabbed them when I did!

Embarrassment circa 2005

Ehhh.. Still about the same 🙂

We went through first tattoos together (first a lot of things, actually) – That’s for real. 🙂

New Friends

Being in college has given me the chance to meet some of the most amazing people I have met in my life. I sure hope that they’ll stick around in some way after we all graduate because I kind of like them a whole lot.

This girl’s put up with me for almost 4 whole years!

Oh, this kid, too!

We (fittingly) look absolutely ridiculous here – it was Halloween, ok? – but I luh-luh-love my fellow international business nerds ❤

Apparently, we only take pictures on Halloween.

Travel! (Obviously)

This is probably the most expected answer. This blog wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the amazing opportunities that Abi, Maddy, and I have been given. Honestly, if I could go back in time to tell College Freshman Alexa about the places I’ve lived and the things I’ve done, she’d tell me I was insane. The experiences from the past 3ish years have opened my mind to all that’s left to explore out there. I couldn’t have asked to spend it with greater people, either.

Where it all began: Chile, 2010!

Roommates in Argentina, 2011

Foreign-kid friends in Pittsburgh

Fun people in Madrid, 2012

What’s to Come

If all this has happened already, I know that whatever the future holds is going to be freaking AWESOME (for lack of a better description).

What are you most thankful for this year?

– Alexa


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