MVM (a day late): UK

I totally meant to write/publish this post yesterday, thus making it an actual Music Video Monday, but I completely forgot. That is, until I was getting ready for class this morning and Candy by Robbie Williams came on. Let’s just say: instant dance party!

I heard this song for the first time this past weekend whilst catching up on one of my favorite talk shows: The Graham Norton Show. I always catch this show on YouTube because it’s hard to find it on TV in the States, and the top comment on any GN Show is always a time stamp so you can click to miss the musical performance towards the end of the show. However, this episode was the only one I’ve seen that didn’t have a link to skip the performance. It apparently was that good.

Here’s the GN show performance for you all to enjoy (Robbie is quite the entertainer, I must say. He’s been in the biz for practically his whole life and his stage presence is just fantastic.)

Here is the music video if any of you want to catch the studio version as well. I have to admit I have no idea WTF is going on in this video, but the song is just so damn catchy!

Hope you all have a wonderful, dance party-filled week!



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