The Side Effects of Cabin Fever

Saturday was one of those days when I literally locked myself in my room and forced myself to study. As a result of very, very little human contact yesterday, this happened:

Four words. All day. Is it sad that I’m almost proud of that achievement?

OH, I almost forgot! During one of my (many) study breaks that day I watched an episode of Mankind. Tori, who I don’t even have to link to since we talk about her so much <3, has practically live-tweeted the past few episodes and it seemed awesome. So I took a look, and you can too here if you’re a history nerd like us 😀

Anyways, I woke up today (Sunday) with a huge cloud over my head: cabin fever. I had to get out. Now. No more studying at home. I looked outside just as it started to pour, so that immediately made me want to get back under the covers, but no. I wouldn’t.

My roommate Cara and I finally decided to do something I haven’t done since I was in Argentina: study in a coffee shop. OMGIKNOW, but it’s a scary world out there, man.

Proof I was there.

Obligatory Instagram of my Starbucks cup

So we ventured over to the nearest (crowded) Starbucks, grabbed some hot chocolate, and popped down to do homework people watch. I almost forgot how much fun people-watching was. We had a prime location: bar stools right in front of a window looking out over an intersection.

Some observations:

  • a LOT of people got their Christmas trees today
  • you really shouldn’t wear reindeer antler headbands in public
  • hey, I know her! *wave*
  • that guy in the red hat is suuuper cute
  • do people actually meet other people in coffee shops? I wish that would happen to me. I’d make my life so much easier
  • they need a fireplace in here
  • oh, look at those cute rain boots!
  • you don’t get much studying done when you’re staring out a window

So that was my day. I hope you all had a nice weekend! Happy December!!


(And yes, one of the side effects of cabin fever is weird blog posts like this one. I’m going to click Publish before I have a chance to talk myself out of it)


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