The Last Snow of 2012: Part Two

After Saturday’s snow escapade through my backyard with Leo, yesterday we ventured from suburbia…


…to the mountains!

Mountain road view

Our cabin’s driveway was covered with 2′ of snow, so we parked at a neighbor’s house down the street and made our way through the woods into our yard. Mind you, our neighbor’s house about 500 ft from our cabin, but maneuvering through the woods in snowshoes in 2′ of snow was a little more challenging than anticipated.




The fearless leader

We made a day out of going in the snow then retreating into the house to thaw out a bit. One of the highlights of the day, apart from my dogs having to act like kangaroos to get through the snow, was my brother making me laugh so hard I was past the cry-laughing stage and approaching the I’m-laughing-so-hard-I-might-vomit stage. I would let you all know what it was about, but I think a certain family member would like to keep that story under wraps 😉


Da woodz

Madre & Leonard

The Unsuspecting Sancho

Leo gif

I can honestly say that snowshoeing is definitely never something I thought I would ever do, but man did those things help. Overall, it was a good day to play in the snow and act like kids again. The dogs loved it — even Sanch who could barely walk through the snow!

Have a happy new year everyone!



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