Two-Year Anniversary

Our blog provider just told me that today is our two-year anniversary since registering this blog. Can you believe that? Time flies! Really, though.

Two years ago, the three of us were sitting in our respective hometowns counting down the days (We had exactly a month left, I recall.) until we would get on a plane to Buenos Aires and not look back… Well, not for 5-6 months, at least. Now, we’re all in very different places of our lives.

Two years ago, when you logged on to this site, the page was blank but for the sky blue and white background – reminiscent of the Argentine flag and the ambiguous open potential of what we were about to encounter. Now, you can scroll through every detail of our trip, every milestone that came after, and other bits and pieces that make up the last two years.

I meant to write one of those “New Year, New Me”-type posts because I think it’s a refreshing thing to do, but seeing the little Happy Anniversary! notification when I logged on brought all of these other words to the surface.

For now, I want to dig up this gem to let it see the light of day again after these two years.

blah blah blah

One week until Argentina!

See that excitement?! That’s how I want to feel about the next year coming up. I think I’m starting to get there.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around for this long and to those of you who have jumped on for the ride. We’ll try to keep things interesting. 😉

– Alexa


4 thoughts on “Two-Year Anniversary

  1. Great Job Girls: It has been a very interesting and unique journey so far. You all have grown so much. What experiences!! The sky is the limit !!

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