An Update (Of Sorts)

Oh heyyy, I promise we didn’t forget about you guys! We’ve just been busy getting back into the swing of a new semester (our last semester!) and we honestly haven’t been doing anything too eventful. I have, however, had mini “oh I could blog about this” moments that never amounted to any real blog posts so I thought I’d throw them all together now and give you guys a little rundown of random goings-on!

  • Exciting events coming up!
Ed Sheeran concert next week and Stephen Colbert is coming to Pitt!

Ed Sheeran concert next week and Stephen Colbert is coming to Pitt!

  • I love everything about this video. 3-minute time lapse of a cross country road trip. Definitely an inspiring piece of art.

Roadtrip USA from Mike Matas on Vimeo.

  • I’ve been trying to catch as many matches of the Australian Open as possible recently. Tennis really one of the only sports that I take time out of my day to watch and enjoy, besides for the two weeks for the Olympics where I’m borderline reclusive. I love it because you can watch it while doing something else, but there are also those times when you can’t take your eyes off the match (like that Djokovic vs. Wawrinka match today – DID YOU SEE THAT?!)
  • Pinterest has made me a baking/cooking machine this weekend. I currently have some Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken in the oven (edit: just ate it and it was very good! I highly recommend this – it’s super easy and you’ve probably never had anything like it before!), and I made these babies last night:
  • I’ve also begun a new Tumblr account, Downina, where I’m going to be showcasing some of my photography. I thought some of you guys might like to see a little more of what I’ve seen over the past few years, and I hope it will motivate me to take more pictures of my daily life 🙂
  • We’re also trying very hard to get abroad after graduation, so keep checking back for travel-related plans!!!

I hope you all are having a fantastic 2013 like we are! Have you been keeping up with your resolutions? My one (unofficial) resolution was to keep up learning French on sites like Duolingo and Memrise, but I’ve failed miserably… On the bright side, I could probably hold a conversation with a little French 3 year old!



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