Three Hours of Greatness: Ed Sheeran at Stage AE

My roommate Steph and I went to the Ed Sheeran concert last night and there are only three words that can describe it: best. concert. ever! Now, Ed Sheeran has gained the coveted “Favorite Artist” status in my heart and I had heard only great things about this sold out concert, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Four months of waiting finally paid off, and we ventured downtown to witness three of the greatest hours of our lives. (Even the public transportation wanted us to have a good night – the busses and T were practically waiting for us with doors open to whisk us away to Stage AE.)

Waiting for hours, but worth every second

Waiting for hours, but worth every second

One thing I didn’t realize, until we were surrounded by them in line, was just how many high schoolers (and their parent chaperones!) were going to be there. We heard our fair share of conversations about Biology tests, “frat tattoos” (?!), and OMG boy dramaaaa!

We got inside around 6:30 and set up shop right next to the light/sound booth towards the back of the theater. This proved to be one of our best decisions of the night because not only did we have a clear view to the stage, we were also able to stare at the light guy and all the crazy buttons AND we got to know when the acts were going to come on before everyone else!

Ed Sheeran Stage AE

The first opener was Foy Vance, an Irishman who we’ve never heard of but he was quite the jokester and gave us all a good laugh between songs. He had a country feel to him, and Steph has forced me to listen to so much country music that I now have an appreciation for my so-called least favorite genre.

Foy Vance

The next guys up were Rizzle Kicks, two young guys from England who added a little hip hop to the night. They were filled with such energy, so much so that when they came on stage, before they even said anything, I glanced back at Steph and the mutual understanding of “I LOVE these guys. New BFFs” passed through us with just one look.

Rizzle Kicks Stage AE

Just take a look at this video I took and tell me it doesn’t make you want to jump around.

After Rizzle Kicks finished their performance I could have gone home happy. I experienced a perfect hour of music so far and had already got my money’s worth and Ed Sheeran hadn’t even hit the stage yet.

Ed came on around 9 and you would have thought One Direction had walked on stage with the piercing screams that were heard. He started off with his fantastic version of Give Me Love with a live loop, which I had seen in videos of previous performances and it. is. amazing.

Ed Sheeran Stage AE 1
Ed Sheeran Stage AE 2
Ed Sheeran Stage AE 3

He went on to perform all of my favorites, Drunk, Small Bump, Wake Me Up (which was so good it had the lighting guy tearing up), Kiss Me, and many others. It was overall one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen – he even threw in a bit of Macklemore to make me love it just that much more! Check out some more of the performances I recorded here:



6 thoughts on “Three Hours of Greatness: Ed Sheeran at Stage AE

  1. You were definitely right about the high-schooler’s and their chaperon’s. While waiting in line I heard a girl say she only knew two songs of Ed’s but didn’t care because she got to say she was there, I just silently thought to myself “Seriously?! You’ve got to be kidding me. -_-” But anyways, honestly your post is amazing as last night was! 🙂

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