Sign of Life

My attention has recently been brought to the fact that I have dropped off the face of this blog. Props to Abi for taking over and telling you about interesting and semi-relevant things because I’m not even sure what those are these days.

I think once visitors showed up over winter break that I had to entertain, I got used to the “I’m too busy to blog” mentality, and that’s just not right. Oh, the injustice! 

Well, kiddos, I’m back. And it seems we have some catching up to do. If you’ll let me, I plan to fill up some of your future idle time with such riveting tales as…

  • My roommate’s visit to the lovely (and ohmygodSOflat!) Illinois
  • What New Year’s Eve in Chicago is like for a group of poor, lost college students
  • How one enjoys a dance party put on by a group of a capella nerds
  • Where us Pitt kids go on an unseasonably warm day in mid-January to get away from the concrete


On an unrelated note, I started taking a Zumba class, and it’s freaking awesome. I’ll probably start using Mondays to give you Zumba tunes… Especially because they’re almost ALL IN SPANISH!! Ok, except this one.

That’s pretty accurate to real life. Is anyone else a Zumba fanatic? I’m predicting I will be real soon despite my lack of body control or ability to at least pretend I can dance. Don’t care!

Talk soon! Probably. 😛

– Alexa

2 thoughts on “Sign of Life

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