I’m Back!

So basically, I’m complete crap at blogging. I was taking a look back and realizing that I’ve basicallly fallen off  the face of the blogging planet. Let me explain my absence….

First, I had an internship this summer in Kalamazoo, MI. Not quite sure how familiar everyone is with Michigan, but Kalamazoo is not what you might call a “happening place.” I did enough interesting things that I figured I could post a single summary post at the end of the summer and that all the pictures together might not bore your pants off, but then life got in the way. 

Some of you may have noticed the I’ve been conspicuously absent from all of Abi and Alexa’s Pittsburgh adventures; well, that’s because at the end of the summer I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

It was determined that the tumor was indeed malignant, but luckily the type of cancer I have has a very high survival rate, so i’ll admit I’m not that worried. I was pretty sick for the first couple months, until we discovered that all my nausea stemmed from steroid dependency (enter steroid-induced acne) because of the steroids I was being given before surgery to reduce some of the swelling and pressure in my brain. I’m doing quite well, but the chemo protocol goes until early November, so I’ll be stuck at home in WI until then and not back at Pitt until Spring 2014 at the earliest. 

I’m admittedly going a little stir crazy because the tumor completely messed up my balance so I’ve been and still am wheelchair-bound, which obviously also means no driving, but I’ve been living vicariously through Abi and Alexa’s posts. I promise that if I do actually get to do something exciting (doubtful), I’ll suck less and blog about it.

– Maddy

P.S. This cancer thing hasn’t sucked as much as it could have because my cancer is usually found in kids, so I’m being treated in the much newer and nicer children’s hospital… only issue: I hate kids. Also, despite many doctors and nurses assuring me I’d lose all my hair, I still have a little stubbornly refusing to fall.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! Your positive attitude is inspiring. And Abi
    doesn’t like kids either…. Geez what’s the world coming to….

  2. Hey Maddie, I’m so glad to see your positive attitude! Keep doing well and I can’t wait to see you back in Pittsburgh ❤

    PS. I still believe Kalamazoo is a fake place you created…it just can't be real.

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