Travel Plans, At Last!

Everyone has heard the saying: “When one door closes, another one opens.

Of course, from our perspective, those doors are usually plane doors. Thankfully, when Pitt closed the door I had propped open that led to a summer working in Brazil, Abi was there waiting to plan a post-graduation Euro trip with me! If I hadn’t had that as a consolation prize for missing out on free money for a final college study abroad jaunt, I would have been a lot more upset. But I mean, come on… Europe!

We started planning today.

Obviously, that requires food.

Obviously, that requires food.

Somehow, after 4 hours, we didn’t get much further than deciding two weeks wasn’t long enough (we upped it to three), writing out the cities we wanted to hit, cutting that in half, and buying a bunch of discounted Valentine’s Day candy.

And looking super attractive the whole time, obviously.

And looking super attractive the whole time, of course.


Here’s the skeleton of our plan as of now!:

  • Fly into Dublin (it was the cheapest option, so why not?) two days after graduation
  • Move on to London and check it out for a few days
  • Meet up with our friend Robby in Madrid
  • Let him show us around Sevilla
  • Split off to roam around Paris for a few days
  • Go bother another friend that will be in Augsburg (doing the same study abroad program where Abi, Maddy, and I met! … but you know, in Germany)
  • Hop into Luxembourg to gawk at all the wealth edit: Scoot on up to Berlin and get our German on
  • Return to Dublin to catch our flight back to the ‘burgh

What do you think? Any suggestions?

– Alexa

5 thoughts on “Travel Plans, At Last!

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