Argentina Gym Time vs. Cancer: Comparing Weight Loss Plans

While in Argentina, Alexa and I had joined a gym. She was a faithful gym-goer, so as long as I stuck with her, I had the motivation to go to the gym. She was also able to show me some floor exercises and how to work certain machines. With her help, I came back 15 lbs. lighter than when I had left. Fast? Not exactly… Effective and healthy? Definitely.
All you need for this workout plan is access to a gym, and a friend who will actually go with you on a regular basis and be an effective motivator. We came back to the states, I no longer had a reliable gym buddy, and I promptly gained back all weight lost, plus an extra 5 lbs. for good measure. Yeah, I have just about zero willpower and an equal amount of motivation.

Plan 2: Cancer. This is a weight loss plan that you can’t exactly plan for, and that I don’t recommend. It basically involves eating very little and throwing up what you do consume (also known as bulimia, which is bad), and doing almost no exercise whatsoever. Since the start of all this, I’ve lost about 55 lbs. This is despite my mother breaking all her grocery shopping habits and purchasing ingredients with the highest fat content she could find – for a while I was keeping down smoothies, so I was on a constant diet of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies and Haagen-Dazs shakes. So, the cancer diet plan – Effective? Maybe too much so. Healthy? Not in the slightest.

So do what I didn’t back in the states – find that committed gym buddy and dig up a little motivation.

– Maddy


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