Stuff I Like: Volume Two


I made my way across town yesterday to spend the next week at home for spring break. In past years I had always been counting down the days until spring break, wanting to escape homework and the pressures of being at school. This year, however, I had the opposite feeling – I killed myself the past three years at school so I don’t have as heavy of a workload my senior year (best idea ever, by the way) and spring break just seems like a week where I won’t be able to see my friends who I have come to value so much. We only have a precious few weeks together before graduation — no. Abi, no. Don’t talk about it. Tears will be shed if you think about it and no one likes a sappy blogger.

I’ll save the depressing I loved college so much! Don’t make me leaveeee! post for another time. For now, I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing in the past month since I’ve been MIA from the blog. (Spoiler alert: not too much has happened…hence the whole no blogging thing!)

Away we go!

1. TED. We’re going to dedicate a whole post to our little escapade to TEDxCMU once those CMU kids get their shiz together and put up videos of the talks, but I thought I’d give it a little mention here. Alexa and I, along with our amigos Robby, Lisa, Alex, and Amanda went to a TED talk-filled day at CMU and it was all sorts of inspiring. I’m still astonished by how many people don’t know about, so give that link a click and learn you something! Their whole motto is “ideas worth spreading” and it really couldn’t be described any better. We’ve linked to some talks in the past, but if you venture over there I’m sure you will find many things that interest you!

2. Hip-hop. I blame this new obsession (I use the term “obsession” lightly here) on that freaking Thrift Shop song. You know the one. I discovered Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (the masterminds behind that song) back in January and immediately became addicted to their CD The Heist. Then, enter Rizzle Kicks, who opened for Ed Sheeran in late January. Finally, Hoodie Allen’s music came into my life last summer, but then reappeared last month in the form of his new album Crew Cuts. I’m hooked on all three artists and have begun to call myself a hip-hop fan. My current fave is Hoodie Allen’s Fame Is For A*****es. Give it a little listen below, but just be aware it may not to be to everyone’s linking. (*cough mom cough*)

3. The Daily Beast. Hands down my new favorite news website. My old favorite site was Gawker, but I’ve recently fallen off that wagon and made my way over to The Daily Beast. Their Cheat Sheet is perfect for when I want short blurbs about whats a-happening in the world. Think USA Today, but better.

4. Podcasts. When I had first heard of podcasts a few years ago I immediately wrote them off as lame and something I would never be interested in. I mean, why wouldn’t I just watch a video? Listening to people just talk to me sounds pretty boring unless I’m in the car. Au contraire, younger Abi. I started listening to some podcasts a couple months back but never really wanted to admit to anyone that I actually listened to them. Luckily, during a happy hour conversation with amigos Robby and Alex, I finally found some other people that listened to them too! I’m not the only 22-year old that listens to them! Some of my favorites:

    • Freakonomics: Like the book … only spoken. Yeah, crazy stuff.
    • Hollywood Prospectus by Grantland: I only listen to the weekly pop culture/TV/movie/music one with Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald. They’re great guys. But Grantland is owned by ESPN so there are sports podcasts too, for all you sports freaks out there.
    • The Nerdist: I found this one this week and, to be completely honest, I’ve only listened to one so far, but I can already tell I’m going to like Chris Hardwick. He’s a comedian and interviews famous people.
    • BBC Global News: 30 minutes of news. I’ve vowed to listen to these when I’m getting ready in the morning so I can be all worldly and cultured, but that hasn’t happened yet. It will though.

That’s about it, really. I promise I’ve done more in the past month than sit on the internet listening to music and podcasts … but it’s all boring life stuff. Like being obsessed with my friends and wanting to spend all my time with them. That’s normal, right? Oh, I bought a super classy trench coat yesterday. And I’m really pumped for the new season of Game of Thrones to start in a few weeks.

Now you’re really all caught up.

As always, leave recommendations for anything and everything in the comments if you feel the urge. Talk to ya soon!


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