Like Food? So Does Pittsburgh.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on this blog, but I’ve been taking a class called Advertising and Social Media all semester. How appropriate, right? I lovingly refer to it as “Twitter class”, but there’s a whole lot that we’ve learned beyond how to use social networks as relatively cheap advertising tools for big, evil, corporate agendas. (MUAHAHA! Kidding. Business school doesn’t teach you how to be evil. Not explicitly, anyway.)

Our big project for the semester was to create a viral video (very loose definition on the “viral” part because, well, we’ll see how that goes) about Pittsburgh. My group, being a bunch of female humans, latched on to the fact that Pittsburgh has a pretty bangin’ food scene. Thus, I give you: A Day of Pittsburgh Food.

Don’t you wish you could have such a delicious day? You can! Unless you don’t live in Pittsburgh. If that’s the case, come visit me, and we will frolic through all of the colorful and quirky dining rooms that the ‘burgh has to offer until we must be forklifted out of our chairs and rolled home.

– Alexa


Quiet Storm – 5430 Penn Ave.
Station Street Hot Dogs – 6290 Broad St.
Waffallonia – 1707 Murray Ave.
Famous! Primanti Bros. – 3803 Forbes Ave. (This is closest to us, but there are tons around here, and 3 locations in FL!)
Hofbräuhaus – 2705 South Water St.

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