This Will Be the Summer of…

This summer will be the beginning of a new chapter in our lives (cheesy, but true), so what better way to start than to make a list of things we hope to work on over the next few months? It’s served us well in the past, and we’re currently clinging to any shred of familiarity as things start getting crazy/ending/changing/being terrifying, so here goes…


1. Travel – You lot already know about the Euro trip we have planned for May, and luckily I have a few other places I hope to visit this summer. First off, my roomie Cara is getting married in June, so I’ll be spending a long weekend outside Philadelphia as a bridesmaid in her wedding! It will be a nice little catch-up with some college friends after we graduate. Also, I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able visit a brand new city – my road-trip buddy, Kristin, is interning in Boston this summer!

2. Take up skateboarding – This one came out of the blue, but I recently had the urge to skateboard and I have no idea why. My brother left his old one in the basement so why not take a whack at it, right? This could go two ways: it will become my new mode of transport (once I can stay on it for more than 10 feet) or I will forget about it next week. Either way, skateboarding is pretty sweet.

Leo vs The Skateboard

Leo vs The Skateboard

3. Learn guitar – Or maybe the ukulele (which, on second thought, would actually require me to have a ukulele), but I just feel like learning a new instrument. I tried to learn guitar a few years ago but, yeah, that didn’t last for too long. I guess if this fails then piano and violin will have to be enough.

4. Keep up with the exercise – After playing sports in high school, I kind of fell off the exercising bandwagon …until this year! Cara and I joined a cycling class this past fall and that has kind of evolved into us going to the gym about 3 days a week, which was required so we could actually keep up with cycling 20 miles each class. I don’t know what we expected exactly, but man was that first class a wake-up call. Now, with a wedding I’m required to look good for, and a 3-week long walking adventure across Europe, I have the motivation to stick with my routine. As long as I find an exercise buddy this summer (heyyyyy, Alexa) then keeping it up should be a piece of cake.


1. Figure myself out – My first goal, above all things at the moment, is to figure out what I want to do and where I want to be. Pretty important details, huh? College is all about finding yourself and whatnot (I did some of that), but then SURPRISE! 4 years isn’t a long time. I have a few options, which I’m thankful for, but I’ve officially caught commitmentphobia. Why is college making me leave? Honestly, my biggest hope is that I get to stay in Pittsburgh a while because I’ve realized I don’t actually know it that well. Which leads me to…

2. Roam – As mentioned 13508123 times, WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE! So, yeah, that’ll be cool. I still don’t actually believe it, but I’m sure I will once we land in Dublin. I kind of want this goal to be an addition to the rest of my life, though. No matter where I am, I want to approach life as a tourist. If I get so lucky to stay in the ‘burgh for another couple of years, I plan on exploring every nook and cranny that I passed over while trying to not be poor and get decent grades. If I end up somewhere else, then I really will be a tourist for a while, and that will make achieving this mindset that much easier.

This weekend’s exploring: Our own campus!

3. Enjoy the down time… Or eliminate it – The biggest plus I’ve heard about not being in school anymore is that your time spent not working is truly your own. There’s no lingering guilt that you should be squeezing in some extra hours studying or, god forbid, getting a jump start on a paper. It seems like these days, I do everything I can to avoid that feeling by doing the complete opposite of anything even academically related, but I think I’m soon going to need some hobbies. I want to get back into playing volleyball again in some form, like I did all through junior high and high school. Do you have any other suggestions? Am I a budding amateur tattoo artist, perhaps?

Professional orchard skipper. Yeah. I can do that.

Professional orchard skipper. Yeah. I can do that.

4. Whip Abi into shape – I just like her #4, and I like not being fat, so I’m going to go with that. I’ve always hated running, but I’ve also never tried hard enough to get much better at it. Maybe this is my summer.

5. Get better at appreciating music – As you may have noticed, my MVM posts have fallen off the map (thanks for picking up some slack, chicas). I suck at finding and/or listening to new music. Exhibit A: I’m pretty sure the majority of what plays on my iPod is exactly the same as what I listened to while we were in Argentina – great for reliving memories; bad for being super hip and current. Well, also bad because no one I listened to in Argentina would be doing a show around here anytime soon. Again, any suggestions? This is a serious cry for help! I may start losing friends if I play “Danza Kuduro” one more time.

How about YOU? Any exciting plans for the summer? Let us know!

-Abi & Alexa


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