Summer in “the zoo” Part II

I covered most of the exciting Kalamazoo happenings in the first post, but there was one outing with way too many cute pictures to fit in with everything else – a trip to the actual zoo! On the day we went it was over 100 degrees and sunny, so many animals were just laying under a tree panting, but I still managed some cute pics.


Yeah, that’s how I felt about the temperature too.




Those giraffe tongues are long and slimy!


Eaton must like gophers

Apparently, Eaton supports the zoo – that’s a plus in my book. Now I figured I would tell you a little bit about what I did, hopefully stopping before I bore you to death. Technically, I was a supply chain intern in the purchasing section of Eaton’s vehicle group. What I actually did was learn a whole lot about a program called SharePoint and struggled to figure out how I was going to change the fundamentals about how people store and search for shared files – I’m now a near SharePoint expert and my boss did teach me quite a bit about both purchasing and economics, but I’ll admit that the internship wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

– Maddy



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