MVM: Wayland

I had promised myself that I was going to blog more since Alexa and Abi are busy seeing the sites in Europe and I’m doing pretty much nothing, but let’s face it: I’ve never been a very reliable blogger.
Anyway, you may or may not know that my hometown, Madison, WI holds a Brat Fest every year over Memorial Day weekend; this fest almost always sets the world record for brats sold (beating their record from the previous year). They also offer veggie brats, so I can join in on all the excitement too! I was looking at the schedule for this year’s fest, and realized that a band I recently discovered and quite like is going to be performing! I figured I should look at a little more of their music before seeing them live, and in doing so I found out that a lot of their songs are in Spanish (unless there is a Spanish band with the same name, which is probable – this Wayland is from MI, so it seems unlikely that they have an almost entirely Spanish album)! Even if they are different, I like both. I figured I’d share one of their Spanish songs with all of you, but couldn’t find a video for one, so here’s one of their songs in English (as I’ve mentioned, they are probably two separate bands, I couldn’t find out online, but I’ll still share an English song):

Note: I found the Spanish songs on Spotify (an awesome app that everyone should have), so if you’d like to hear one (and you should), you can download Spotify 🙂


Update: I found one site that makes me believe they may actually be the same band after all, but I’m still not sure about anything… hopefully I’ll figure it out when I see them live!


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