Day 1: Ireland – Jet Lag and Drizzle

After finding each other in the labyrinth that is the Pittsburgh airport (that’s a joke, if you’ve never been there), maneuvering our way through the terminals in O’Hare, and 7 hours flying over the Atlantic, WE MADE IT TO EUROPE! First stop: Dublin, Ireland.

Oh, yeah.. Not exhausted AT ALL.

Oh, yeah.. Not exhausted AT ALL.

No joke, arriving in Dublin felt a LOT like arriving in South America. Probably because that’s where we usually show up? That feeling was even harder to shake when we saw this familiar sight on the bus into the city…

Puente de la Mujer, anyone?!

Puente de la Mujer, anyone?!

We made it easily to the hostel, Mount Eccles Court, around 5am Dublin-time, so of course a quick (er, maybe a few hours past “quick”) nap was in order, then we were off to see Dublin!

The Spire and O'Connell Street

The Spire in the distance and O’Connell Street

We fueled up at a cutesy café called Blu Apple on O’Connell Street, the main drag through Dublin, then headed over to the Temple Bar area. Fun fact: Temple Bar is an area, not a single bar, as was previously thought.
Temple Bar

Then of course came the famous Irish rain. More of a drizzle, actually, but we took this opportunity to dip into a local mall so Alexa could pick out a journal. We got sucked into a quick curling iron demonstration (half head of curls = super attractive), then headed back out towards Trinity College. We were definitely going through a little bit of college withdrawal (even just three days after graduation) so we felt quite at home exploring the Trinity College campus. We later learned that we missed our chance at picking up some prestigious grad students because, apparently, that’s what Trinity’s chock full of. Oh, well… Better luck next time.
Trinity College quad
Trinity College Dublin

We grabbed a late-afternoon bite to eat at a grocery store (+1 local points!), then headed back to the hostel to plan our next day in Ireland. The jet lag/time difference combo really took its toll, and we were passed out by 7pm. Pretty sure there was a kids’ birthday party still going on outside. Definitely not our most invigorating travel day, and we weren’t really feeling the Dublin charm we had heard so much about, but after resting up we were able to enjoy Ireland MUCH more over the next few days!

Up next: A drive to Western Ireland to see the Cliffs of Moher and Galway!

– Abi & Alexa

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