Day 3: Ireland – Dublin’s Redemption


We thought we’d ease into our last full day in Dublin – give it a second chance, you know? Maybe we were too demanding of it that first day. As we like to do, we searched for Dublin’s perfect café… and failed. Thank goodness there’s an Insomnia on almost every block.

Our other defaults are shopping and park hopping, so we did both. Grafton Street is chock full o’ fun and fancy clothes! We turned towards the greenery as soon as we remembered how little money was in our wallets and space in our backpacks.


Result: St. Stephen’s Green!




Flower on the green

Did some journaling, some people watching, and found a child with a viking hat, so I’d say it was a solid park experience.


Rain was rolling in, so we scurried over to a cute little restaurant we had seen on our way called Dux & Co.


Watching people run through the rain while eating a sandwich (side note: they call rugula “rocket”?) in a cozy café is a weird, but satisfying, form of entertainment.




Journal break

Journal break

The next thing on our agenda was probably our favorite activity of everything we did in Dublin: a tour of the Jameson Distillery!







Learning about how whiskey is made is cool and everything, but let’s be real. The tasting was the best part.



Ironically, we sat next to a group of women during the tasting who were from San Antonio! They might be my new best friends. Also, we decided that we have to do awesome girls’ trips to foreign lands when we’re in our 60s because they were some of the coolest people we met. And it’s the best idea ever.

Back to alcohol. Drinking at the distillery eventually led to drinking at a bar. Needed a Guinness while we were at the source!


We stopped at what seemed like a kind of touristy bar/restaurant, but it had a good mix of people and a dreadlocked guitarist from Glasgow singing a bunch of American folk classics, so we didn’t regret it one bit.



Irish stew!

Irish stew!

Pretty solid last night, I’d say. Thanks for coming around for us, Dublin.

– Alexa & Abi


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