Day 5: London – No Words

No words can describe our newfound love for London. It has found a new home at the top of our Favorite Cities list, but before we get to that, let’s rewind to 9AM, Sunday morning.

We’re pretty sure England wanted us to love it. We had beautiful weather during our 4 day stay, which is pretty unheard of. A few clouds in the morning, but they usually cleared up and let us enjoy all that the country has to offer. Our lovely hosts treated us to a breakfast of croissants and fruit, drove us to the train station, and helped us navigate the ticket machines. A quick 40 minutes later, we were there.

Waterloo Station

Our new favorite mode of transport

Now, if you haven’t realized already, we don’t really make detailed plans when we travel. We take more of the “just wander around” approach, which has proved to be foolproof. With that method in mind, we exited Waterloo Station and almost immediately hit the Thames and took a stroll along The Queen’s Walk on London’s South Bank.


DSC_0165 DSC_0167

Margot and Ellen had mentioned that the Realfood Festival was held near Waterloo Station and yep, there it was! Right along with a Streets of Spain festival (perhaps put there to get us ready for our next stop?!)

Tasting the toffee vodka, as you do

Tasting the toffee vodka, as you do

DSC_0178 DSC_0180

Foreshadowing a late night snack in Madrid perhaps?!

Foreshadowing a late night snack in Madrid perhaps?!

Turn the corner and what do we find? The South Bank street park in all its graffiti glory.

DSC_0171 DSC_0172

We were spotted!

We were caught creeping!

Around the next corner? The freaking London Eye.


Hey there!

Hey there!

Not to mention Parliament is right across the river. (Told you our no-plan plan was foolproof!)


We crossed the Thames and walked in the general direction of Parliament, stumbling upon Whitehall Gardens, where some journaling catch-up happened.

DSC_0196 DSC_0197 DSC_0198 DSC_0199

We hit up Parliament & Big Ben just long enough to snap this selfie — the swarm of tourists was a bit too much for us.


It was approaching lunchtime, so we ditched the tourist spots, found the nearest free wifi, and hopped on the tube to Nando’s in South Kensington, which was at the top of Abi’s Restaurants to Hit Up in London list. It did not disappoint.

PLEASE open more Nando's in the US!

PLEASE open more Nando’s in the US!

Chicken deliciousness

Chicken deliciousness

We may have enjoyed this lunch so much that we went there two more times in our three weeks. Oops. So much for diversifying food choices! #noregrets

Also, South Kensington happens to be an amazing(ly rich) neighborhood, and we wouldn’t mind living there once we find our wealthy European husbands (damn, we really should have mingled with those grad students in Dublin…)

South KensingtonDSC_0232

"la la laaa"

“la la laaa”

The neighborhood was chock full of small, locked gardens that we mega-creeped on. All our attempts to convince the people on the street that yes we did live here and we just happened to forget our keys so you should probably let us in, failed.


A few minutes of walking later and we were smack dab at the Central Park of London: Hyde Park!


Ran into this guy too

Ran into this guy too – Royal Albert Hall


A bocce games with the London Eye and the Shard in the distance

A bocce game with the London Eye and the Shard in the distance

DSC_0246 DSC_0247

Creepin' on the soccer dads

Creepin’ on the soccer dads


And thus concluded day one in London. We were pretty much pooped from hours soaking up awesomeness, so we grabbed a train back to Guildford – just in time for some of Ellen’s homemade lentil soup and corn bread. We relaxed after dinner in the family room, playing some Monopoly, catching up on the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show, and introducing Alexa to her new favorite comedian, Russell Howard. Another lovely evening in England, we must say.

-Abi & Alexa

2 thoughts on “Day 5: London – No Words

  1. A truly excellent photo-journalistic job Abi. You have this blog thing down to an absolute art form. Can’t wait to see more about the rest of the trip !!

  2. I remember walking for miles and checking out dozens of menus looking for “real” pub food in London. Ha! The closest we came was lasagna, but we saw a lot along the way.

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