MVM : Tejano Sound Band – “Cierra Los Ojos”

Since Abi and Alexa have their hands full posting about their trip, I figured I would try to pick up MVM. As I am a highly unreliable blogger, it’s music video martes, instead of music video Monday, but a lot of thought went into this choice, as I’ll explain.

Since I have nothing better to do, I started looking up some information on the Texas music scene, San Antonio in particular since that’s where our little Alexa is. According to Wikipedia (the most reliable source there is, clearly), San Antonio is mostly known for tejano music and heavy metal. I figured that the last two hard rock MVMs were surprising enough, so I started investigating tejano music.

Most of the music that I encountered was what I might call Mexican folk – almost polka-like with all the accordion. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I did stumble upon this song, which I like better, but admittedly still don’t love.

Anyway, looks like Alexa might have to either figure out her heavy metal headbanging or her accordion dancing. Sounds exciting!

– Maddy


One thought on “MVM : Tejano Sound Band – “Cierra Los Ojos”

  1. I didn’t know about the heavy metal part! Need to do some investigating. To be honest, this is the first tejano stuff I’ve actually listened to, but I’ve definitely heard it’s a thing. Wow, I have to be the worst new San Antonian ever…

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