Day 6: London – Look out… THE SHARD!

Another beautiful day in London! We got off to a late-ish start (hey, we’re on vacation here!), walked to Guildford Station, and made our way into London to see what Day 2 had to offer.

We stayed on the south side of the city for the first part of our day, attempting to find Tower Bridge, but instead finding Southwark Cathedral and The Shard, which might be Abi’s favorite building in the entirety of London (but she does admit it was slightly cooler back when she thought it was called The Shark.)

DSC_0256 DSC03704 DSC_0259

We couldn’t figure out exactly what was IN The Shard, but a quick Google search a few weeks later showed us that if we were amazingly rich, we could have the greatest lives EVER and live in The Shard. We can dream, right?

After realizing the buildings around The Shard weren’t as cool as The Shard we made our way away from The Shard and continued our search for Tower Bridge….which we couldn’t find. So we found London Bridge and looked at it from a distance!
Tower Bridge
Pinchy pinch

Up next: St. Paul’s Cathedral! (Full of skater kids enjoying the Bank Holiday)

Not a care in the world

Not a care in the world


A quick pit stop in Starbucks to steal some WiFi led us to find Marks & Spencer To Go, which is one more store America needs to add to it’s To Open In America list. Seriously, so convenient and affordable, and perfect for a little to-go lunch along the Thames.


Alexa claims that this will be us in 40+ years. Check back on that.

Alexa claims that this will be us in 40+ years. Check back on that.

Lunch led us past some cool buildings, of course, then we wove through the back streets until we ran into Covent Garden.
Covent Garden market

We just walked around for a bit, finding some shops to stop into (and we soon discovered that dreadful feeling of “oh I really like this but there’s literally no way I can fit this into my backpack”) so we opted for watching the street performers. Covent Garden is definitely a place to stop on our next trip when we bring empty suitcases to fill with souveniers!

London was quite hot again, so we meandered through the streets surrounding Covent Garden, ducking into the shade wherever possible. We then accidentally walked through Chinatown and made our final stop of the day in a crowded St. James’ Park.
St. James' Park

Back in Guildford, Ellen made us a delicious vegetarian meal; we chatted about British and U.S. economy and politics with Tom (jeez, how old are we?), which provided some fun facts and gave us a new perspective on a few things. We’d throw some nuggets of knowledge out there for you, but we mostly just couldn’t get over how small the costs of going to college are in other countries. For example, Ellen & Tom’s son paid £3,000/year to go to school, and that’s after costs had TRIPLED from what he paid at the beginning. No wonder it seems like U.S. college students and recent grads travel a lot less than the rest of the world! Sup, student loan payments (x forever).

After dinner, we did super girly things like watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s, paint our nails, and talk about life. It was just fabulous, dah-ling. Unfortunately, it was also our last night in Guildford. We never wanted to leave! You can bet that when Ellen offered up the house for any time we wanted to come back and visit, we started visualizing the spaces in our calendars (let’s pretend those exist).

Coming Up: One more day in Londontown before hopping a plane to Madrid!

– Abi & Alexa

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