Day 10: Madrid & Sevilla – Views Galore

You know a day that begins with your friends lounging in hostel beds chatting about old Nickelodeon shows is going to be a good day. And a good day it was.

Way Hostel street

Robby and Stefan caught an earlier train than us to Sevilla, so we had the morning for Alexa to play tour guide around Madrid. We grabbed a metro and set off in search of Templo de Debod.

The road wasn't so easy.

The road wasn’t so easy.

True to our style, we got just a teensy bit lost and sumbled upon the Rosaleda de Madrid.
Rosaleda 1
Rosaleda 2
Rosaleda 3
Rosaleda 4
Rosaleda 5

We seriously don’t know how our wrong turns always seem to end up in the best places… After exploring the rose gardens, we backtracked and found what we actually came across the city for: Templo de Debod and it’s amazing views.
Templo de Debod 3Templo de Debod 1
View from Templo de Debod
Palace view from Templo de Debod
Templo de Debod feet pic

We stopped back at the hostel to grab our bags (and say goodbye to the wonderful Argentinian who ran the front desk), then we were off to Sevilla!
View from train

Train > Ryanair

Train > RyanAir

We got into Sevilla around 6pm, trudged across town with our lives on our backs then met back up with Robby and Stefan at our amazing AirBnB-supplied apartment!

Can't complain :)

Can’t complain 🙂

The boys had got there a few hours earlier and had already made a grocery store run to grab mojito mixers. Couldn’t have asked for better travel companions.


Mojitos + laundry. A winning combination

Mojitos + laundry. A winning combination

We let Robby play tour guide (he studied abroad in Sevilla while we were stumbling around Argentina) and took a spin around town at night.


Never knew our eyes could handle so much pretty in one day.

– Abi & Alexa


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