Day 11: Sevilla – An Unwanted Visitor

The day started our just as any normal day in sunny Sevilla would. Robby and Stefan headed out before us girls and we all agreed to meet up at 12:30 to go shopping. We were finishing doing our laundry when Alexa comes running out of the bathroom screaming, “THERE’S A BIRD IN THE SHOWER. OH MY GOD! THERE’S A BIRD IN THE SHOWER!” Turns out, a bird flew through the tiny open window in our bathroom and was flopping around in the shower (seriously, Spain, get your act together, and invest in some screens…) After a few feeble attempts to get into the bathroom (avoiding the bird) and open the window a little further in the hopes of tempting the bird to fly out on its own, we had to give up. We could barely take a step in there without the bird flapping around, which would lead to us running away screaming. No judging! YOU try it!

Evil bird

So, leaving the bird in the shower, we set off in search for the boys, who we weren’t supposed to find for another 45 minutes. We checked every Zara and H&M on the main drag, but the boys were less predictable than we thought. We decided to camp out at our designated meeting spot and wait for them to show up. Why not take some pics of Sevilla while waiting, eh?
Sevilla 1Sevilla 2

The boys turned up and we headed back to the apartment and started Operation: Get The Bird Out Of Our Bathroom. Stefan and Abi tried many different approaches, but after about 30 minutes we opted for 1. Throw towel on bird. 2. Cover with trash can. 3. Slide cutting board underneath. 4. Go to patio and release bird back into the wild, never to be seen again.
Scoop the bird

Optional step: hide from the bird

Optional step: hide from the bird

Transport the bird

What we didn’t account for was that the bird may actually FLY BACK INTO THE APARTMENT. Alexa recorded the traumatic experience for your viewing pleasure.

We may or may not have each watched this video 100+ times. It never gets old! (Note from Abi: Yes, those are my terrified screams in the background because I was trapped in the hallway with the bird; Alexa and Robby are evil and locked me out of the apartment. They’re the greatest friends ever.)

The bird finally flew out where it belongs and the bathroom window was locked for the remainder of the trip.

We did some other things that day, but they were dull in comparison to this whole ordeal. Even so, post-bird trauma went something like this:









– Abi & Alexa


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