MVM: Lorde

Pardon the break from the Euro posts, but I found this pretty cool song on Spotify this morning while unpacking all my belongings from my apartment and whoa it happens to be Monday so here I am. This is by a 16-year-old New Zealander, Lorde. It’s a beautiful song so have a listen!

The top YouTube comment on this video had a super fun fact that could be totally false but I thought I’d share:

She got the title Royals from a poster on her wall of a Royals baseball player signing baseballs. And the song developed from her joking with her friends that all the music they listen to is completely irrelevant to their lifestyles, like hip hop and Lana Del Ray.

This makes the video a lot more of an interesting juxtaposition if this is actually the real reason behind the lyrics. Basically, being a teenager is pretty boring compared to what songs say life is like. Anyways, happy Monday!



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