Day 12: Sevilla – Adios, España.

If you couldn’t interpret from the last few pictures of our previous Spain post, we decided to have a night out in Sevilla! Because it’s a smaller city, there are a few choice areas that people tend to congregate, one of them being Calle Alfalfa (we LOLed, too), which is where we went.

That being said, our next day started a little later than usual. When in Spain, do as the Spaniards do and stay out super late so you can sleep half the day away, right?! Right. We woke up in juuust enough time for a feast in the forest, though!

Best seat in the house

Best seat in the house

Honestly, some of our best meals have been when we grabbed a bunch of cheap stuff at a grocery store (the bread, cheese, & chocolate combo works best) and taken it to a nice place outside.


Robby took us to Sevilla’s version of Plaza de España, where we feasted and explored Parque María Luísa.



It was weird because we were IN the city but completely surrounded by greenery, and yet… we kept hearing “Try” by Pink ? We followed our ears out to the open to discover that some sort of Italian conference thing was about to go down because there were fancy tables and lights everywhere. What happened to our invite, huh? We got shooed away from creeping on the festivities but managed to take in the crazy architecture and tile work all around us.




After making a quick stop at Robby’s mamá‘s house to give her keys back and say gracias and hasta luego, we took a gander at the bullfighting ring. Not during a fight! Alexa would probably cry/vomit on the spot. It was a pretty cool little structure.


Some of the posters for the fighting seasons were a little much, though.


It got to be so hot that we were all melting, so we unabashedly grabbed some Ben & Jerry’s (oh yeah, it’s there) and took it to our air conditioned living room to cool down a bit. The boys meandered off to watch a soccer game while we took in the last moments we had of NOT being in a hostel. The whole Spain part of our trip felt like studying abroad again – probably because all four of us have done that and kind of automatically settled into it – and we didn’t want to go back to the check-ins and baggage rooms and tour planning and anonymity. Basically, if over 2 years of blog posts haven’t clued you in: WE REALLY LIKE STUDYING/LIVING ABROAD.


Bye, Sevilla rooftop

Can’t knock Paris, though! Let’s get on to that…

– Alexa & Abi


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