RTM: In Flight

The weird thing about trying to capture the essence of Nowhereland, TX is that even though practically no one is around, I feel like I can’t stop to enjoy the open spaces. The road is there to get you from point A to point B; there are farms and teeny towns in between, but nothing is made to be displayed or contemplated. It all has a purpose.

Unlike any museum, the beauty is not roped off and hung at eye level for you to soak in at your convenience. It’s all over, and sometimes you have to find your own path to stop and look.


The speed limits on those open roads is the same as any major highway, so you go flying by everything along the way. If I hadn’t finally committed to pulling over, I would have missed this little guy floating around just like whoever was in the white truck that sped past.


Cities aren’t the only places where life is in a hurry.

– Alexa

One thought on “RTM: In Flight

  1. I am glad to see that you still appreciate the wide open spaces even though you have morphed into more of a ‘city’ girl.

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