MVM: California Calling

Oh heyyyy there! Let’s just get this out of the way. No awkward excuses. It wasn’t you, it was me. I know I’ve been neglecting you for a few months. I hate me too. It’s ok. I’m back (with some fun new music videos!!)

So yeah, you may have noticed my absence since.. oh wow SEPTEMBER? God I suck. I don’t actually have any good reason why I was not tending to the blog. Just life, man. It tends to get in the way sometimes. I’ve had a pretty good few months. Making friends, getting a hang of this whole 9-5* thing, hopping around the US, planning new trips, and listening to a lot of music. And watching stand up comedy. That’s a new thing I do. Thanks, Netflix. (Side note: want to have your mind blown? Watch Bo Burnham’s comedy special: what. I’ve watched it 3 times this week. It’s free. Just do it.)

Transitions! WE’RE GOING TO SAN DIEGO IN FEBRUARY! It was one of those “oh look, a Groupon for a beachfront resort in sunny California in the middle of February? Robby, Alexa, want to go?” type of moments. Happens allll the time. After zero begging, we booked some hotels and some flights and boom. Trip scheduled. I don’t really think any of you are too surprised though. Also true to our nature, we don’t really have too much planed yet except for a cheeky little New Politics concert at the House of Blues. Not going to lie, this one was a little random: I heard one of their songs on Pandora, sent a link to R&A, saw that they were in SD in February when we just happened to be there too so omg it’s a sign. Tickets purchased.

Check out my favorite New Politics songs below and also please please let us know what we should do in San Diego! This trip is definitely going to be a Do I Want to Move to California Eventually? trip so any and all insight is welcome 🙂


P.S. Thanks for keeping the ol’ bloggity afloat during my couple months of “mental rest”, Alexa. You da best. See you in 47 days!

*8 – 5:30. Vomit.


4 thoughts on “MVM: California Calling

  1. As a former San Diegan (but not for 30 years), I always liked the Old Town area. The zoo is a don’t miss, as is Balboa Park. We also used to gather at the beach for a fire (and yes, it does get durn cold at the beach and in the desert in the winter). The whole of Adams Ave., from Normal Heights through Kensington is wonderfully weird, as is the Hillcrest/Mission Hills area.

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