MVM: Say Something

This song really has nothing to do with anything in particular, but it’s been stuck in my head for days and I also kind of love it. And I may have grown up during her Genie in a Bottle years, but this song always reminds me how truly talented Christina Aguilera is. That’s right, I’m Team Xtina, baby!

– Maddy

Update: So it turns out that my whole creeper eye thing (actually called 6th nerve palsy) will likely need surgical correction. Awesome. I can only hope that I’m able to get in with the strabismus team (surgery team) with enough time to schedule surgery and heal before Pitt in August – fingers crossed!
I also learned that I may never be able to wean off steroids… I have a 3 month plan to titrate (periodically lower) my dosage, but that may not work. Oh well, what’s 1 pill that I still have to take? I’m getting rid of many, so I could deal with 1 sticking around.


One thought on “MVM: Say Something

  1. So maybe you could design steroid pills with jaunty little sayings on ’em just for fun. Oh, and BTW, I have a sixth sense that your eye surgery will be long complete and successful before you head back to Pitt :). Liking your blog – warm and funny, much appreciated after running my big dog in the park through drifts of kicked up snow in my face. Lisa (Abi and Jeanne’s friend)

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